A Gift to Nimi

For our kickoff week at Emily Carr, we were tasked with creating a gift (virtual or physical) to give to someone we have bonded with and made a connection with. My bond was with Nimi, whom at the time was situated in Nigeria. With time zones in the way, we managed to connect over our love of Apple products, and the clean design it provides its users.

At first, we were told to think of an object that reflects our design philosophy. Something random or unique but would fit right in on a shelf at our imaginary design store. Nimi chose a pair of glasses, saying that before she wore them her vision was adequate, but she was unaware of how inadequate it truly was. The glasses provided her with more detail of the world, a method to see things that were perhaps overlooked, or perhaps went unnoticed entirely. 

The glasses provided clarity, and Nimi used that in her own designs. I tried to interpret what I thought into a visual cue.


Visual Interpretation of Glasses for Nimi

After developing the visual interpretation, I went on to construct the gift to give to Nimi. Before starting, I noted aspects of Nimi I could intertwine into the gift to make it tailored to her. Knowing that she was in Nigeria at the time we talked and was in the process of moving to Vancouver, never having been before, I thought it would be a good idea to provide her a pair of "glasses" for Vancouver.

I decided to make a customized guide for Nimi for when she arrives to Vancouver. I would add my favourite places to go, with directions to get there via our sophisticated transit system. Here is what I created.



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